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Put Your Family's Wellness First

Come to a chiropractic clinic in Superior, WI that serves children and adults

Are you experiencing severe back pain? Is your baby suffering from spinal issues due to a difficult birth? You've come to the right chiropractic office for help. The whole family can benefit from our treatments.

Joten Chiropractic provides top-notch chiropractic care to patients in Superior, WI and surrounding areas. From pregnancy chiropractic care to adult spinal adjustments, Dr. Joten treats patients of all ages. Everyone in your household can achieve their wellness goals with his help. Call 715-392-2476 now to make an appointment for chiropractic services.

Give Your Baby a Strong Start

Childbirth can be difficult, and sometimes a baby experiences spinal issues as a result. You can correct your child's spinal problems early by bringing them to a top-notch chiropractic office.

Dr. Joten has a background working with children who had difficult births and are classified as "failure to thrive" kids. This experience gives him the skills needed to address your baby's spinal issues, to help them grow up healthy and live happily.